John Hultberg
Graphic art, photos, drawings

Member of The association of graphic artists in Jönköping

Exhibitions: Member exhibitions, Konstgrafikerna, Konstnärshuset Svavel 2020, 2021, 2022, Jönköping, Länssalongen 2022, Jönköping County Museum (juried), Sävsjö Art Association 2022, Södra Vätterbygden's art round, 2021, 2022. Solo exhibition at Konstnärshuset Svavel, Jönköping 2023

Purchased by: Region Jönköping County, Jönköping Municipality

I have always been drawing. To paint nature and the shapes of the surrounding environment is a challenge. I have also photographed a lot and lately got interest in how to further process images using traditional graphic tools as well as computer graphics. The printing process itself is interesting with its different ways to bring out an expression. The slightly foggy, unclear and mysterious image. This interest in the hazy landscape is probably very much inspired by everything from German romantics and Swedish graphics to American screen printing.

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